February 2, 2010

Set to sign: Kevonte Martin-Manley

Kevonte Martin-Manley would have been fine with the opportunity to play football at Bowling Green. But,the talented wide receiver from the state of Michigan stayed patient throughout the recruiting process, waited for bigger schools to make an offer, and eventually the University of Iowa came calling. On Wednesday he will be decked out in his Hawkeye hat and sign his letter of intent with Iowa. He talks about signing day coming up and if he is ready to embrace his new nickname, KMM.

Q: How excited are you about signing your letter of intent on Wednesday morning?

KMM: I am very excited. I have been waiting for the past couple of months for Wednesday. I am really anxious for it to get here. I am really looking forward to it.

Q: At one point a few months ago you probably thought you would be signing with Bowling Green. Does it feel different knowing you will be signing with a Big Ten school?

KMM: Yeah it feels totally different. The level of play will be much different and the competition on a day to day basis is going to be different as well. It will be better and a great experience for me.

Q: How much patience did you have to have in this process? You were hearing from Iowa and other higher level schools in the past few months and had to wait it out.

KMM: I was very patient. Bowling Green is a fine school and if nothing came from all of the other schools I would have been fine with that. That actually kept me more patient, so it wasn't hard.

Q: Are you having a special ceremony at school on Wednesday morning?

KMM: Yeah I think there are two people signing from my school, so they are having a special ceremony. I think a few people from the media are stopping by, a couple of TV stations. That is supposed to be about 11 a.m.

Q: Do you have your outfit all picked out? Some Iowa stuff to wear?

KMM: You know what, I think I am going to wear a shirt and tie with an Iowa hat. (laugh) I have an Iowa shirt too, so I might have to break that out.

Q: Ok the big question, Iowa already has Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, who the fans call DJK. Are you ready to go by KMM?

KMM: Well, KMM…that is a tough one. I saw that on the internet and a lot of people were asking about it. (laugh) I think that will be alright for now.

Q: Do you already have a nickname?

KMM: My nickname right now is K, short for Kevonte. I think KMM is alright for now.

Q: Are you playing basketball right now?

KMM: Yeah I am playing right now. We are playing real well right now. This is actually the best year that we have had in my four years here. We are at the top of the league right now and I am having a great time knowing that this is my last chance to play basketball. I am just enjoying it and taking it all in before I have to get to work. Right now I am averaging 21 points a game.

Q: Being a Michigan guy, do you ever cross paths with Roy Marble Jr. on the court?

KMM: Actually I went to one of his games a couple of weeks ago and we talked there. We played on the same AAU team together, The Family. We are pretty good friends.

Q: What are your plans for the spring? Are you running track?

KMM: I haven't made any decisions on that yet. If I don't run track, then I will just be working out and getting ready for Iowa. I might just do both.

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