August 8, 2011

Gesell talks about picking Iowa

After weighing the option of taking official visits this fall or simply making his college choice, Mike Gesell already knew where he wanted to spend the next four years and made the call to Coach Fran McCaffery to verbally commit to the Hawkeyes. Gesell talks about his decision and if he is already working on Adam Woodbury and Kale Abrahamson to join him in Iowa City next fall.

Q: Talk about making the commitment to Iowa today.

GESELL: It's very exciting. Every since my unofficial there this spring I have really liked Iowa and felt it would be a good fit for me. In talking to Coach McCaffery more and more, he really took the time to get to know me as a person and I got to know him as a person and a coach. He's a very honest person and a hard working guy. He has a vision for Iowa and for me individually and I think it's a great fit and I am very excited to be a Hawkeye.

Q: In July you said you might make your decision sooner or you might wait and take some official visits. What tipped the scales for you?

GESELL: I started talking about it with my family and did my research. I took my unofficial visits to Iowa, Nebraska, and Stanford, so I had a feel for each school. I felt that it was time to make decision because I knew where I wanted to go and I didn't want to wait any longer.

Q: What was Coach McCaffery's reaction to the news?

GESELL: He was very excited. He was just headed out on a family vacation and he told me that I made his vacation.

Q: Is there a sense of relief now that you have made your decision?

GESELL: There definitely is. The recruiting process can be a little grueling, so it felt good to make the decision. Now I can focus on my senior season and getting better before I play for the Hawkeyes.

Q: Have you talked to Adam Woodbury and Kale Abrahamson about your decision?

GESELL: I have. I let them know and I will be recruiting them to Iowa. They are very good players and very good friends, so I am going to recruit them to come along with me and be Hawkeyes.

Q: What was their reaction when you told them you are coming to Iowa?

GESELL: They were very happy for me. We are always very supportive of each other no matter where we go.

Q: I know you and Adam have talked about playing together because both of you have similar offers, including Iowa. Have the three of you talked about playing together yet?

GESELL: Not all three of us together, but I have definitely talked with Adam about it quite a bit. I've talked to Kale, but not a lot about it yet.

Q: What's next for you after finally getting off the road at the end of July?

GESELL: I actually go down to the I Hoops camp on August 11th in San Diego and then start school and get ready for my senior season.

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