September 19, 2011

Ingram talks official visit

This wasn't Patrick Ingram's first visit to the University of Iowa, but it will certainly be a memorable one. The 2012 Hawkeye verbal commit to the Iowa Basketball program talks about his official visit this weekend and getting to spend time with future teammates Mike Gesell and Adam Woodbury.

Q: Tell me how the visit this weekend went.

INGRAM: It was great. I actually got into town on Thursday night and met up with Adam (Woodbury) and Mike (Gesell). Then on Friday morning we had breakfast with them and the coaches and got to hang out with the players. Then we went around the campus and got to talk to a lot of people and get a feel for how it is academically.

Q: Tell me about the relationship that you are building with Adam and Mike. I think this was the first time you guys had spent time together in person. What was that like?

INGRAM: We got along great and I thought we really clicked. Mike is kind of laidback and Adam is hard to explain. They are both really cool guys. We were talking on the phone quite a bit and texting each other, so once we met in person we really hit it off.

Q: You were pretty excited on twitter on Wednesday night when the news hit that Woodbury picked the Hawkeyes.

INGRAM: I was watching what was going on with twitter and I kind of thought that he was going to pick UNC. Then I saw it on twitter and I was really excited to get him. That was a big deal for us.

Q: You were walking around campus and people were recognizing you guys. I'm guessing when you are walking around with another guy that's 7 foot tall, you guys kind of stick out in a crowd.

INGRAM: (laugh) Yeah, it kind of surprised me that a lot of people knew who we were, especially me. I think Adam got most of the attention because he just committed and he's 7 foot tall too. I enjoyed the attention.

Q: You saw a bit of the new practice facility when you visited this summer, but what was it like this time really seeing it as more of a finished product?

INGRAM: I really liked it a lot. I got to see it the last time, but this time the main gym is finished up and I liked it a lot. The locker room wasn't finished last time, but now they have that done and it looks great.

Q: You went to the football game on Saturday. What was that environment like?

INGRAM: It was crazy. When we walked over to the stadium with the coaches and the guys on the team, everyone was so great to us. The fans were cheering for us. The people were so nice. They really take pride in the football and basketball team.

Q: So did you stick around for the whole game on Saturday?

INGRAM: I'm mad because I left just before Iowa scored back to back touchdowns. I had to get back to my hotel. I'm not doing that again.

Q: You guys went out to Coach McCaffery's house on Saturday night for dinner. How was that and did you get to eat one of Coach McCaffery's wife's famous desserts?

INGRAM: We went out there on Saturday night and all the coaches were there, along with the guys from the team, all our parents, and Coach McCaffery's kids. We ate, talked, and played some games. It really felt like we created a family bond. His wife is a really good cook. She made a great meal and then this really good apple cinnamon brownie dish. Adam and Mike were making fun of me because I wanted to eat that first. I went straight for that.

Q: Are you planning any return trips to Iowa?

INGRAM: We haven't planned any yet, but I am sure we will be back during the season. My parents really liked it and they got along really well with the other parents, so I am sure we will be back there soon.

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