February 17, 2010

Grant is familiar with the Orange

Groton (Mass.) Lawrence Academy athlete Marcus Grant is one of the most athletic football prospects in The Bay State. His talents have already led him to one scholarship offer while others are starting to show him interest.

One of the programs looking at the 6-foot-3, 190 pound prospect is Syracuse. Right now Grant is familiar with what the Orange have to offer because of what he has heard from his coach, a visit, and two former teammates.

"Right now I have not talked with them directly because it is kind of a dead period, but I have heard stuff through my coach and we have two former players there. I also attended camp at Syracuse last year and when I spoke with the coaches at camp they expressed a lot of interest in me."

What exactly stuck out for him when he took in the camp last summer?

"I like it a lot, the campus was pretty big from what I remember. The weight room and the other facilities were nice. I just remember it being a real nice school and having a lot of culture there with a big football tradition, I really liked that about the school."

Rivals.com lists Grant as an athlete, but when he visited the Syracuse camp they had him working as a defensive back. While he was working on his defense is when Syracuse coaches started to take note.

"When I went to the Syracuse camp they evaluated me as a defensive back and when I was in the drills I really stood out to the coaches and then that is when they really started talking to me. Then they found out that I was a junior, they told me that they would be in touch with me in the near future."

Other than cornerback Grant can also be seen playing all over the field.

"Right now I play wide receiver, defensive back, running back, and sometimes I move into safety. I also do all the returns for my team, punt return and kick return."

The two current Orange players that Grant mentioned are quarterback Charley Loeb and wide receiver Ollie Taylor. The Massachusetts prospect has been told nothing but great things when it comes to Syracuse by both current players.

"I have actually spoken with them and I was talking with Charley the other night. He was just telling me how much he loves the school and coaching staff, everyone is just real and honest and he thinks that there is nothing but good things for Syracuse football in the future."

With Grant being two years behind Loeb and Taylor it may have made things difficult for them to get on the field at the same time, however that was not the case.

"I played with them for two years, my freshman year I started playing with them. They were both extremely great leaders and good role models and set the tone for Lawrence Academy football for the future. They just made the path for us and now we are a championship caliber team. Charley is the best quarterback I have ever played with and the same with Ollie, he is a hard worker."

Knowing two former teammates at Syracuse plays in the favor of the Orange.

"It definitely helps that they are there because I know that a lot of time in the recruiting process a lot of prospects look for honesty and I know with them they will give me their honest opinions on Syracuse. I just feel that knowing there are two people at Syracuse who love it, that would make things easier and more comfortable. It is more appealing because they do have two people I used to play with and love it."

Other than having teammates at a school Grant is looking for a few other parts of a school.

"I want to have a good relationship with the coaching staff and academics will be important. I just want to be comfortable and find a school that I love personally and it feels good to be there and not feeling miserable."

Besides Syracuse there are also a couple others schools looking at Grant.

"I have not received any other offers since Connecticut. They offered me about two weeks ago and I have been in touch with their staff ever since then," Grant said. "Boston College, Iowa, and NC State have all shown interest."

With one offer in hand at this time Grant is not ready to make a commitment, but he will have no problem picking a school when he is ready.

"I have not really thought of a time frame for a commitment I really just want to take my time and look at every school who is interested in me and I want to take visits to those schools. I have not really figured out a time frame, but if I am comfortable with a school I do not think I would have a problem committing to the school."

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