February 10, 2013

Rivals NSD: Enos on Offensive Recruits

Central Michigan head coach Dan Enos wrapped up the 2013 class, and as he enters his fourth season at the helm of the Chippewas, his overall philosophy continues to shine through. Pound the local state of Michigan then reach out into the Midwest for the rest of the class, and the results finally came last season as CMU when 7-6 with a win over Western Kentucky in the Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl.

"We have brought in 21 young men in the group; 14 are from the state of Michigan," added Enos. "We have always said since I've been here we wanted to be one of the best local recruiting schools in the country and I once again, feel like that we have done that. In this state we have great relationships with the high school coaches. We try to find the best players that we can."

While CMU has brought players in from Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri and California under Enos, the 2013 class is spread out between only three states: Michigan, Illinois and Indiana.

"We also consider Chicago, Wisconsin, and Northern Indiana as well as far as recruiting," said Enos. "We try to blanket them and find guys in all those areas. We get them to campus and we find out about their character. The more we know about these young men, the better job we can do recruiting them. That's been our philosophy: get them on campus, get their families on campus and get to know them. Get to know them athletically in-person. Then obviously, get in schools and evaluate them academically, as much as we can."

Look below for Coach Enos's comments on the offensive players from the 2013 class.


Darrien Boone - QB (6-2, 190lb) Chicago, Ill./ Hales Franciscan HS

Enos: He is already enrolled in school. A very mature young man with a 4.0 GPA and is extremely athletic. He has great arm strength and can move around very well. I just can't say enough about his character, toughness and he is very bright. He will be here in the spring to compete for the starting quarterback job. It's wide open and Darrien will certainty be in that conversation. We are very happy that Darrien is with us.

Mark Chapman - WR (6-0, 180lb) Port Huron, Mich./ Port Huron HS

Enos: Mark's brother Jarret starts at safety for us, and his cousin Winslow we redshirted last season. So we have three Chapman's on the team. Mark was rated as high as the ninth player in the state by the Detroit Free Press. I certainly think he earns that accolade. He's a guy that played as the spread quarterback for the last three years. He averaged 10 years a carry in his career. He has a 3.75 GPA and is outstanding in track. He's explosive and has great ball skills. He has great development ahead of him and we will be able to do a lot of things with Mark. He will be able to catch punts, run reverses, throw the ball, play quarterback in the wildcat and we will be able to do a lot of things with Mark. He was a highly recruited guy and is extremely athletic and he has a very bright future.

Eric Cooper - WR (5-11, 177lb) Flint, Mich./ Beecher HS

Enos: His high school coach Courtney Hawkins was my college teammate and a good friend. Courtney has been telling us about Cooper for quite awhile. Cooper came to our camp this summer and we really liked him on his junior day but we loved him after our camp was over. He really "wowed" us with his athleticism, ball skills, size, lower body power and is an outstanding basketball player. Flint Beecher won states last year in basketball and this year they have only lost one game and that was to Detroit Pershing who is ranked No. 1 in the state. He runs track and will be in the East-West All-Star game this year.

Matt Cotiguala - P/K (5-10, 180lb) LaGrange, Ill./ College of DuPage

Enos: We recruited Matt a little bit then he ended up at the College of DuPage. Now Matt is coming with us. He is a 4.0 student. He is an outstanding punter averaging 42.7 yards per punt. He is a field goal guy as well. He has three years of eligibility remaining. We have Richie Hogan here who has a year left. We have Ron Coluzzi who we redshirted last season. Matt will have an opportunity to compete for a job. A part of being a good recruiter in college is being able to plan ahead, you have to proactive, you can't wait till someone leaves and replace them. You constantly have to be looking three to four years down the road. Matt's a guy we can bring in here and if he wins the job fine but if not he has a year to develop and watch other guys and get use to the environment. He is a very talented kid.

Alex Coty - OL (6-4, 280lb) South Bend, Ind./ Clay HS

Enos: He was a high school tight end. We have had a pretty good track record here with moving guys from tight end to offensive line. I don't know if anyone knows Joe Staley or Eric Fisher, but those guys worked out pretty well. I'm not saying he will be as good as those guys, but if we can get close to that I think we might have rung the bell. Alex is a young man that came to camp and we could see he was a very athletic guy for being 280 pounds. We think he is going to fit in very well in the offensive line and we will be able to come in here and develop. He is a tough and physical guy with obviously great size potential.

Zach Crouch - TE (6-5, 230lb) Lowell, Mich./ Grand Rapids Christian HS

Enos: He won a state championship this year and is ranked the 38th player in the state by a couple of newspapers. He came to our camp this summer and he was a prototype tight end that we were looking for with his size. He is going to be 255 pound before he leaves here and is a very good student. He will be a guy that will develop and will be an outstanding player here. People tried to mess with him late in the recruiting and some of the teams came in late because they just got hired and think they have all the answers and recruit him, but he didn't want to have any part in it and stayed with us. He will have a tremendous career here.

Austin Doan - OL (6-4, 290lb) Romeo, Mich./ Romeo HS

Enos: Joe Bacci we took from Romeo last year and we think he is going to be very good. Austin Doan is another O-linemen in that mode of being a very good athlete. He was 230 pounds last year when we recruited him and right now he is 290 already. He has a 3.75 GPA and ran a 5.4. He moves his feet well and plays with toughness. He is in the East West All-Star game and ranked No. 45 in the Detroit Free Press. He is going to be a 300-pound tackle or guard for us and has great potential.

Derek Edwards - OL (6-5, 275lb) Novi, Mich./ Detroit Catholic Central HS

Enos: Coach Mach said he is one of the best linemen that he has had at Catholic Central and Coach Mach didn't just get there either. He will be 300 plus tackle for us and he might be playing in the east-west all-star game. He was rated No. 16 in the Detroit Free Press. We saw him work out and he is physical, has great feet, can bend his knees well and I know he will develop into a very good player.

Jack Ford - OL (6-6, 280lb) Cadillac, Mich./ Cadillac HS

Enos: You watch this guy's video and he is running, bending his knees and change direction very fast. He climbs to the second level very well. He will be playing in the East-West All-Star game. Very good player and student. He will be 300 pounds when he walks in here and a guy that committed to us over the summer. He was recruited by a lot of different people especially after people saw him being so athletic and flexible for a big guy. The five linemen that we signed they call themselves the Fab Five. I don't know if they can market that or not but I know Coach Cummings calls them something else.

Gary Jones - ATH (6-2, 200lb) Allegan, Mich./Allegan HS

Enos: He's a young man that we got late in the process. He's from Allegan. We knew about Gary all along. He's 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds, he's every bit of that. He won the 200-meter dash as a sophomore. He was runner-up last year. He set the school record in the 100-meter dash (10.5) and 200-meter dash (21.5). He had scholarship offers for track. He's 200 pounds, I watched him on the basketball court about a week ago, he has tremendous explosion. He averaged 24 yards per catch as a wide out this year. He played running back too this year. He had 50 tackles, and a few interceptions as well. He returned an interception for a touchdown and a kick for a touchdown. He's an outstanding person; he was on the honor this last semester. He, again, is another kid who has a very bright future. He has great size and very, very explosive.

Derrick Nash - RB (5-10, 195lb) Saginaw, Mich./Carrollton HS

Enos: Derrick is a guy who will play in the East-West All-Star game. He ran for over 1900 yards this year. He averaged 9.6 yards per carry and has a 3.56 GPA. He came to our camp this summer, he's been on our radar. Derrick came to camp and the whole camp was talking about him; the way he changed direction, caught the ball, his times, his measurable, he tested. He was 182 pounds in camp, now he's up to 195. He's an outstanding person, runs track, and has a 3.56 GPA. Derrick has great eye-potential, very explosive, and we feel that if there's this thing called a sleeper, it's him. He has tremendous character and will be a great player."

JP Quinn - OL (6-4, 270lb) Napersville, Ill./Neuqua Valley HS

Enos: J.P. is a guy who is a 3.0 student and went 12-1 this year. He came to our camp and really impressed us with his athleticism, his size and potential. You watch him on tape, and can make any block; he is very well coached in that aspect. He is the last member of the "Fab Five" here, and that's J.P.

Wesley Thomas - WR (6-0, 195lb) South Bend, Ind./Clay HS

Enos: He has very good size. Thick lower body and fast. He returns kicks and punts for touchdowns. I think he returned the opening kick of their season for a touchdown, and guess what? Nobody would kick the ball to him anymore. I guess he did that a little too soon. Wesley is fast, explosive, and has good size. Will be about a 205-210 pound wideout with good ball skills.

Corey Willis - WR (5-10, 170lb) Holland, Mich./Holland HS

Enos: Corey is unique story. He's No. 13 on the Detroit Free Press Top 50 list this year and didn't play all year because he was injured in late spring. He was still ranked the 13th best player in the state. His junior tape was unbelievable. He rushed for over 2400 yards, as a spread quarterback. Set school records in long jump and 110m high-hurdles as a sophomore. He set a school record rushing for 33 touchdowns his junior year, and passed for over 1100 yards and 10 touchdowns. That's a ton of yards. He was on the honor roll this past semester. He is a guy who unlimited potential, he'll run track this year and shatter all those records that he made.

Look for quotes on the defensive recruits soon!

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