July 4, 2013

Hoops Recruiting Rundown

The July evaluation period for basketball gets underway shortly and it will be a critical one for Fran McCaffery and his coaching staff as they try to identify prospects for the Class of 2014 and beyond that they will be recruiting.

The evaluation period is broken up into three blocks of time when coaches can watch prospects at AAU events all over the country. The first block is July 10-14. The second is July 17-21 and the final period is July 24-28.

You can expect that McCaffery and his staff will be on the road in full force at various events during the month of July. Part of the dance in that time frame is using your time wisely and getting to tournaments where you can get the most bang for your buck, so to speak. That means going places where you can see as many prospects as possible in any single day to evaluation purposes.

For example, you can expect Fran McCaffery to be at the Nike EYBL signature event, Peach Jam, on July 10th and given his long time ties to the label, Sherman Dillard may very well be there as well for a period of time.

Sometimes getting to events isn't as much about evaluation as it is being seen in the stands by prospects. We all remember just two summers ago when Iowa was making a strong push to land Mike Gesell
and Adam Woodbury that McCaffery dedicated his summer to following the duo and their AAU team around, watching nearly every game they played. At that point, McCaffery didn't need to evaluate them, he was simply showing them that he wanted them and was invested his time in them and it obviously made a difference in their recruitment.

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