July 4, 2014

Fearless Forecast

It's hard to believe, but the college football season is just around the corner. Big Ten Media Days in Chicago are only a few short weeks away and the start of fall camp for the Iowa Hawkeyes will be in about a month.

In keeping with a tradition that I started several years ago, I finally sit down and really take a look at how the Iowa Football season will play out. I called it the Fearless Forecast because really when it comes down to it, this is a guessing game at this time of the year. It's fun and hopefully entertaining and maybe this year it will be accurate.

As far as the accuracy angle, there have been a few years where I'm pretty close to the mark and then other years when I miss by a mile, so I wouldn't be running to Vegas with my predictions. Last year, for example, I predicted 6-6 for the Hawkeyes and out of the 12 games, I actually picked the outcome of the game correctly five times. Basically, not great.

Subpar efforts the last two years will not deter me. I'm back for more and feeling pretty good about my predictions for the 2014 Iowa team. It feels a whole lot different this year than one year ago. Coming off a 4-8 season in 2012 and the Hawkeyes had a ton of question marks headed into the 2013 season and frankly, it was hard to see 6-6, let alone an 8 win season. But, coming off 8 wins and with a lot of talent returning, I think Iowa has a real shot at contending for a Big Ten Divisional Championship in 2014.

Why do I feel that way?

The schedule sets up great for Iowa in 2014 with the toughest games at Kinnick Stadium and the Hawkeyes avoid Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Penn State. If you ask any of the so called college football experts, they would probably tell you that overall, Iowa has the easiest schedule of any of the Big Ten title contenders.

Time to get started. Here are my game by game predictions for the 2014 Hawkeyes.

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