Angerer happy to see a conventional attack

It's not that Pat Angerer dislikes the spread offense, but he is pretty happy to see a more conventional offense headed to town this weekend when the Arizona Wildcats arrive in town. The senior linebacker talks about what he expects to see from the Wildcats on Saturday, what he has seen from their running attack, plus much more in this video interview.
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Joined in progress...
ANGERER: There is no weakness to them. I watched them on tape this summer and they have a good running back, a good o-line, and their tight end is probably one of the best that we will face all year. It is going to be a good game.
Q: Does going up against Tony Moeaki in practice help you prepare for a tight end like this?
ANGERER: I think so, but I don't really go up against Tony all that much. I try to avoid him as much as possible. You can probably ask A.J. about it. I think it does because Tony is one of the best tight ends in the country and we are facing one of the best in the country on Saturday.
Q: They love to run the football. Do you think the front seven is the big matchup on Saturday?
ANGERER: Yeah, it is going to be nice not to go up against such a spread offense. I will feel like I am actually doing something out there on Saturday. We will see, but it will definitely be a good test.
Q: What do you see from their running back, Grigsby?
ANGERER: He is a good guy and a good back. All his success is due to their good o-line. They are bunch of tough guys and hard workers.
Q: Does he compare to any other running back that you have seen?
ANGERER: I don't know. I am really not good at comparisons. (laugh)
Q: Not that the past opponents haven't been good, but does it make this week more fun that you know this is a good opponent?
ANGERER: We face good opponents throughout the team. UNI is a good team and Iowa State is always a war, but Arizona is a good opportunity. I think since Coach Ferentz has been here, we are 1-2 against Pac 10 schools and the won 8 games last year and a bowl game. They are definitely a good opponent and it is going to be a good opportunity and a good challenge.
Q: You seem pretty schooled on them as an opponent.
ANGERER: Coach mentioned it on Sunday that we were 1-2 against Pac 10 schools. I was paying attention there for a little bit.
Q: How did you feel about the improvement from week one to week two?
ANGERER: Obviously we made some strides, but every game you are going to make mistakes. In every game that I play, I am probably going to miss tackles. I think the key for me is to continue to improve and the key for the team is to continue to improve. If each guy can improve just a little bit then it is a big improvement.
Q: Sounds like this team likes to run the ball. Do you like that as a linebacker?
ANGERER: It will be nice. It will keep me less tired. Hopefully those big ugly guys up front don't hold too well. I think it is definitely a good challenge and a good opportunity.
Q: Are you saying there is holding up front every once in a while?
ANGERER: If I get blocked, I am usually complaining about getting held. I don't know if it is holding that much, but I am kind of a baby about that stuff.