Angerer ready for the NFL Combine

One week from now Pat Angerer will be headed to Indianapolis for one of the final tests of his college career, the NFL Combine. Since the end of the season, the All American linebacker has been training in Iowa City with Coach Chris Doyle and his staff for the big test, which includes a 40 yard dash, bench press, cone drills, and much more. He talks about the training, why he passed on the Senior Bowl, and much more.
Q: What has the training been like since you started to focus on the NFL Combine?
ANGERER: It's been good. The first couple of weeks were tough because we were in football shape and that is a little different. I started feeling pretty good about two weeks ago. We are tapering down now a little bit and I feel pretty good.
Q: How are you preparing for the NFL Combine from a test perspective? It isn't academics, but it is a bunch of athletic test.
ANGERER: I would much rather be doing this than going to class. (laugh) We pretty much workout for about three hours a day and then eat and do whatever. I am excited about it and it should be a fun experience. I feel pretty blessed with the opportunity because a lot of guys don't get to participate in the combine. Hopefully I can go there, run fast, and do everything correctly.
Q: Has Coach Doyle changed up the training as you prepare for the NFL Combine?
ANGERER: A little bit. He is running a few new things and new drills. It has been much the same stuff that we have been doing in the past and we already know it. It has been a lot of fun working with coach Doyle and working on these different drills. I've got about a week left of training and then hopefully I will continue to get better.
Q: What about the Wonderlic Test. Are you ready for that?
ANGERER: (laugh) We have had practice tests that we have done. I am just going to answer all the easy one's real quick and hopefully answer them right. I am a little worried about that because I'm not that smart. (laugh) That's more A.J.'s thing.
Q: You will be talking to the NFL GM's and people like that in interview settings. Have you practiced that too?
ANGERER: We have done a little bit of that and I think I'll do ok.
Q: A lot of people look at the NFL Combine as a bit of a show and that at the end of the day your game film is really what matters. Do you look at it that way?
ANGERER: Yeah, that is part of the reason that I didn't go to the Senior Bowl. I wasn't where I wanted to be and I didn't want to go down there to the Senior Bowl and perform well because I am kind of a perfectionist. I didn't feel like I was there at that time. There is a lot of tape on me already and it shows that I can play in the box and play on receivers. Hopefully they think it is good enough to pick me.
Q: Is there one thing that you think you have to show scouts that you can do at the NFL Combine?
ANGERER: I don't know. I think the thing for me is that I want to be at the top in everything that I do. I want to be the fastest and the strongest guy there and hopefully I will be.
Q: Do you start reading NFL Draft projections or do you just not pay any attention to it?
ANGERER: I don't pay any attention to it. Anybody can get on a computer and make up a mock draft or whatever the heck that is. I could really care less about it.
Q: Some of your teammates left to train elsewhere, but what do you think of this group that you are training with in Iowa City and how has everyone done?
ANGERER: It has been really nice. We have like two strength coaches for every guy. You won't find that anywhere else and then you have Coach Doyle, who knows your body and what you are good and bad at. It's been great and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
Q: When do you head to Indy for the NFL Combine?
ANGERER: I think A.J. and I fly out next Friday morning and then we run on Monday.
Q: What is tougher, training for the NFL Combine or planning a wedding?
ANGERER: (laugh) I'm not doing much of the wedding planning. My fiancée is doing most of that and she is doing a great job with it. If I had to plan it the wedding would pretty much suck.