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McCaffery on the loss to Michigan

Fran McCaffery put it pretty simply, you can turn it over at a high rate against Michigan and expect to win. Iowa's turnovers, particularly the 12 in the first half, that did the Hawkeyes in. McCaffery discussed the turnovers, giving up 12 three's to Michigan, and the play of Luka Garza, particularly in the second half.

Q: Coming into the game, what did you see as the things that you had to stop, particularly with Duncan Robinson?

McCAFFERY: I think he’s pretty tough, especially when he hits the first one. Then you have to start chasing him off the line and make him pull up or drive the ball. He’s pretty good at that and it’s not like he can’t do that. He can also make a play for somebody else.

Q: You had 12 turnovers in the first half. Was that a surprise?

McCAFFERY: I think what surprised me more was 9 of them early. After that it was three and then four in the second half. You can live with that. You can’t go on the road and play Michigan and turn it over nine times in the first nine minutes of the game. What they do is take those live ball turnovers and turn them into points. We were up 7-0 and then the next thing you know, we are down 13. You can’t tuner it over in the middle of the floor against a team with this kind of speed and against a team that passes it this well.

Q: Was that what made it hard to maintain that early lead? The turnovers?

McCAFFERY: Yeah. Now, they are going to score and make some shots. They shoot it well and share it well. But, you have to come down and get a shot. Then you can get your defense back and have a chance. If you are scrambling in transition, someone is going to be open for a three or get all the way to the rim and that’s what happened.

Q: Did you notice anything different from when you played them last month?

McCAFFERY: No, I wouldn’t say that. It was a little different game because we played more zone this time.

Q: The zone seemed ok early.

McCAFFERYL Yeah, it was ok. But, we gave up 12 three’s, so it wasn’t good. I think it’s safe to say that.

Q: Can you talk about Luka Garza’s game tonight?

McCAFFERY: Luka was tremendous. He is an incredible worker. I had to make a decision when he got his third early in the second half and I just said, stay, I am sticking with you. He played really well at the start of the game. He gives you a chance because he can score the ball and he’s a big presence inside, defensively and he rebounds in traffic. I was really proud of him tonight.

Q: What did you think of Isaiah Moss and his performance?

McCAFFERY: I thought he was good at times. At times I thought he could be a little more aggressive. That’s why I was pleased when I took him out and put him back in he was driving the ball. He’s better when he’s doing that.

Q: Nunge never got going tonight being back in the starting lineup.

McCAFFERY: He never got into the flow. In fairness to him, I didn’t play him a lot. He didn’t get it going early and I went with Baer or Cordell and Cordell made a bucket right when I put him in. I probably should have went a little more with Jack after I started him in the second half, but then I went with Baer and then we went small with Isaiah, Maishe, and JayBo.

Q: Dailey gave you some life on defense. Do you wish he would get more aggressive on offense?

McCAFFERY: Yeah, and the one time he drove it looked like he was going to make it and he kind of flipped it up there. Then we got him on an out of bounds play and he missed it. I thought his activity was good and he moved his feet pretty well on defense.

Q: Does Garza every loaf through anything?

McCAFFERY: Never. He has that rare ability where he never takes a possession off. He goes hard in walk thru before the game. That’s just how he’s wired and what you love about him.