Angerer and Hawks fight through adversity

It really doesn't matter what kind of a hole the Hawkeyes have put themselves in this year because according to Pat Angerer, they will just keep fighting through it. The senior middle linebacker talks about the mentality of the defense, the challenge ahead this weekend facing Northwestern's dual threat quarterback, and he has his usual lighthearted moments, this time about DJK being on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
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Link: Angerer Video
Or read the transcript below:
Q: How would you define adversity with this team and what else could happen? Maybe an earthquake in the middle of the field?
PAT: That would be pretty crazy. I don't know. We have managed to get through some tough situations and continuing fighting and pull it out. It just shows how great our coaching staff is and how awesome the guys on this team are for continuing to believe in each other.
Q: You talk about how great this coaching staff is. The #4 running back had to be in the meeting room could have been falling asleep in the meeting room and he had to be awake and ready to go because here he is. Not just there, but all over the place.
PAT: What can you do? You can't sit there and say poor me. You can fight and that is what they have done. It's been great, especially watching Wegher grow up. He did an unbelievable job on Saturday.
Q: The defense has been doing a great job, but you guys don't seem to be the type that pat yourself on the back every week.
PAT: We made a lot of mistakes on Saturday and I am sure that we are going to make more mistakes. The key is to try and fix them. We may not be in the right position, but when you fight for those six seconds good things will come.
Q: With your position, Northwestern does a lot of business underneath and you have to be awake. You have to keep them in front of you don't you?
PAT: Yeah, I would rather get beat by a five yard route than a 30 yard route.
Q: With Mike Kafka, you are going up against a team where the leading rusher is the QB. Do you lick your chops with that?
PAT: He is a quarterback, but he is tough. He is big and he is fast. He is just like a running back and it is going to be a big challenge. He is probably going to get a few runs on us, but we just have to do our job and keep fighting.
Q: Is it something you have to be constantly aware of knowing that he could take off at any minute?
PAT: Yeah, absolutely. You have to do your job first and then worry about him, which is a big challenge because he will break some big runs even when you are doing your job.
Q: Being one of the senior leaders, what do you tell a young guy like a David Cato, who seems to be going through a tough spot right now and is a little frustrated?
PAT: Everyone who is younger gets a little frustrated. It is probably tough, a lot tougher on him than I can imagine. You just have to pull those guys in and let them know that you care about them and that you will do anything for him.
Q: Have you talked to him about his situation?
PAT: Yeah.
Q: Did it seem to help?
PAT: He is a pretty quiet guy, but he is a good kid. He has a lot of great potential and he can do a lot of good things with this program.
Q: What do you think about the SI cover?
PAT: Yeah, I just found out about that.
Q: What do you think about the cover?
PAT: Was it Derrell? Yeah, he is probably going to have that up all over his house. (laugh)
Q: Apparently no one has heard of the SI cover jinx, which I guess is a good thing.
PAT: I don't care. (laugh)
Q: This team doesn't seem to be superstitious.
PAT: No, I don't care.
Q: Do you expect Derrell to hand out autographed copies?
PAT: Probably. (laugh) I'll see if I can get one. I'll see if I can get one for you guys. I'll charge you a little bit. (laugh)