Angerer not worried about the NFL Draft

While some potential NFL Draft picks are spending the next few days worrying about where they might be selected, Pat Angerer is sitting around home, hanging out with his family, and playing cards. The former Hawkeye is not losing any sleep on his job prospects or where he will get drafted. He just wants to find out where he will call home and get back to work.
Q: What have you been doing since the NFL Combine? Did you go out on any visits to teams?
ANGERER: Yeah, I went on a couple of visits to place. Other than that I have been laying low and getting ready to play.
Q: What do NFL teams do on those visits when they bring you in? Do they work you out? Is it like a recruiting trip in college?
ANGERER: A little bit. It's really only about an hour long. They show you around their facilities and then they put you up on the board and quiz you. It is really pretty easy.
Q: What are your plans starting Thursday when the draft gets underway?
ANGERER: I will probably just be hanging out with my family. I would be doing the same thing even if it wasn't the NFL Draft. It will be exciting to find out, but I really don't care what round I get drafted. I just want to get on a team.
Q: Are you going to sit around home waiting?
ANGERER: I'll probably just sit around and play cards or something. Maybe we can get a card tournament going on at the house.
Q: It is hard to not focus on the NFL Draft?
ANGERER: I really haven't thought much about it. People remind you about it, but I am not too worried about it or expecting too much out of it. I am just hoping to get on a team.
Q: You are basically just anxious to get on to that next step in your life.
ANGERER: Yeah, it will be cool to find out where Mary and I will be living. I will probably go buy a big ass house and a Mercedes and get some maids. (laugh)
Q: You have to pay for the wedding this summer first. (laugh)
ANGERER: Yeah, those things are expensive.
Q: What do you think of Tarpinian taking over your old spot at middle linebacker?
ANGERER: I told Tarp that if he ever played for the University of Iowa that we would be screwed, so I am a little bit nervous.
Q: So you think he will be able to handle it. (laugh)
ANGERER: No, if I were an Iowa fan I wouldn't buy season tickets to see him play. (laugh) We are doomed.
Q: Did you go out to San Diego this weekend with the other guys to see your agent for his before the draft seminar?
ANGERER: No, I'm going to go later. I want to take Mary out there with me. I didn't want to take her out there with A.J. and Tony around. They are kind of creepy. (laugh)