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Catching up with Brody Brecht

With  599 yards and 12 touchdowns, Brody Brecht led Ankeny to a state title this year.
With 599 yards and 12 touchdowns, Brody Brecht led Ankeny to a state title this year.

Ankeny wide receiver Brody Brecht could eventually have a difficult decision with the major league baseball draft versus playing multiple sports at the University of Iowa. We caught up with the 6-foot-4, 200-pound wide receiver and standout pitcher to discuss that, his state championship season at Ankeny this fall, and much more.

Q: How did the high school football season go and how did it feel ending as a champion

BRECHT: Our season went very well. We had one loss at Waukee in week two, but we got them back in the playoffs. It's a dream come true to be state champs.

Q: How much did it help your team in adding Iowa commit Arland Bruce into the lineup later into the season?

BRECHT: He was a great addition to the team. He's a great all-around player.

Q: How do you feel you performed throughout the course of the year?

BRECHT: I felt like I performed well. There’s always plays you wish you could get back, but I feel I played well.

Q: What are your workout/sporting plans going forward at this point?

BRECHT: I'm working out at home right now and then will start up soon at Engineered Performance. I'll start baseball up soon too.

Q: What are your thoughts on the upcoming baseball season?

BRECHT: I'm excited to play.

Q: Do you know if playing high school baseball this summer will push back when you get onto campus at Iowa?

BRECHT: I'll be the last one there getting on campus because state baseball goes to the end of July.

Q: Has there been any thoughts on the MLB draft and if that will factor into your future?

BRECHT: I will have a decision to make, which would be going to the draft or going to Iowa.

Q: Is there a preference today in terms of Iowa or the MLB draft?

BRECHT: I plan on going to Iowa right now.

Q: What will factor in that eventual decision?

BRECHT: Money will be the deciding factor.‪

Q: Do you know your signing day plans at this point?

BRECHT: I plan on signing on December 16th.

Q: How excited are you to get to the college level?

BRECHT: I'm very excited to play at the Big Ten level and compete.

Q: If you head to Iowa, is the plan still to play both football and baseball as of now

BRECHT: Yes, that's still the plan.‪

Q: What are you trying to improve on the most before baseball gets going?

BRECHT: I'm trying to improve my accuracy most.

Q: When are the Iowa coaches going to send their workout to you?

BRECHT: Once we sign, they can send us stuff they want us to do.

Q: How do you feel about Iowa's season this fall?

BRECHT: They're playing a lot better now. I think the weird off-season and no spring ball affected their first two games and now they're in rhythm.

Q: How often have you been in touch with the Iowa coaches and what did they say following the state title?

BRECHT: I talk with Coach Neiman pretty regularly. Coach Copeland and I also talk with Coach Ferentz. They all congratulated me on the win.

Q: How much will the time you spent with Arland this fall help the two of you at the next level?

BRECHT: It will help a lot. We've already been helping each other to become better receivers and we both push each other to be better.

Q: How do you feel about Iowa's recruiting class at this point?

BRECHT: I feel like we have a very strong class.

A three-star prospect, Brecht finished his senior season with 42 catches for 599 yards and 12 touchdowns for Ankeny.

See highlights from Brecht's senior year in the video below.