Edwards talks Iowa visit


A high school quarterback, David Edwards has picked up several scholarship offers as a tight end prospect, but also has the potential to grow into an offensive lineman in college. During a visit to Iowa City on Saturday, that is exactly what the 6-foot-6, 225-pound Edwards discussed with the Hawkeye coaches, who could see him playing left tackle for them someday. We caught up with Edwards to talk about the Iowa visit, his future position, and more.

Q: Can you talk about the visit to Iowa this weekend? What all did you get to see and do out there on Saturday?

EDWARDS: Well, we actually went down the night before on Friday and saw my cousin who goes there. Then on Saturday morning I went for meetings. Coach Ferentz actually told me they would start me off as a tight end, but they could see me developing into a left tackle, so I sat in on their offensive line meetings. After that, we toured the weight room, their new facility that will be up in July, and had the opportunity to meet with their head strength coach one on one, so that was pretty cool. Then we watched practice and after that we had a meeting with head coach Kirk Ferentz, which was pretty cool.

Q: Was left tackle a surprise or have you heard that elsewhere?

EDWARDS: I've heard that, so it's not really a surprise. I think I should probably start out at tight end, and they'll all do that, but I could see myself developing into a left tackle. I don't really care.

Q: What is your height and weight at right now?

EDWARDS: I'm like 6-6, almost 6-7, and 225 pounds.

Q: What did you take away from watching their practice on Saturday?

EDWARDS: First off, just their physicality on offense and defense is really fun to watch. I really thought it was cool to see all of their attention to the offensive and defensive line, which is huge for them. Then obviously Scherff, their left tackle, was pretty cool to watch. He's really, really good.

Q: Talking with the coaches, what was their message to you as far as recruiting?

EDWARDS: I met with Coach Hernandez and Coach Ferentz and they just said they would start me out at tight end and they wouldn't make me move, but would tell me where I would be the most successful and obviously I would be willing to move if that's the case.

Q: Did they put in their recruiting pitch about going to Iowa?

EDWARDS: Yeah, absolutely. We had a long talk with head coach Kirk Ferentz and he really stressed how special of a place it is. He said they've been there a long time. He's been in the NFL and had opportunities elsewhere, but said Iowa is really a special place. I think it definitely is. I definitely like Iowa for sure.

Q: What were your overall thoughts on Iowa leaving there on Saturday?

EDWARDS: Well, obviously offensive line play for them is huge. I think their track record speaks for itself. They said they're a developmental program, so you come in and eventually you work your way up to what position you want to play. With guys like Scherff and Dallas Clark and C.J. Fiedorowicz, those are all pro prospects. You go to Iowa and you have a pretty good chance of playing in the NFL.

Q: Where else have you been able to visit this spring?

EDWARDS: I've been to Illinois, Wisconsin, and Penn State. Then I'm going to Ohio State this Wednesday.

Q: Is it six offers you have right now?

EDWARDS: Yes, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, and Syracuse.

Q: What is kind of the next group of schools that have yet to offer?

EDWARDS: The schools that have offered are the ones that really talk to me the most, but I've heard recently from Arizona State, UConn, and Michigan. Those are a few of them.

Q: Where do you kind of see all of this heading as far as a timetable for narrowing things down and deciding eventually?

EDWARDS: I want to make my decision before the start of my senior year, so in the summer would be pretty cool. I don't know if any other schools are going to express interest, but I think I want to stay in the Big Ten, so summer is pretty ideal.

Q: What are the main factors for you when you go to make that decision as far as what you are looking for?

EDWARDS: I know everyone says academics first, but it really is my number one thing. Second is how much that school wants me to attend their school. It's not just my interest in them, but their interest in me. Then the final thing is how well I fit into their system and if I will be used and everything like that.

Q: What are you interested in studying in college?

EDWARDS: Business.