Hawkeye Post Game: Pat Angerer

On Saturday the Hawkeyes were without a familiar face on the sidelines as health issues forced defensive coordinator Norm Parker to the booth. It was a bit of an adjustment for Pat Angerer, but thanks to a great coaching staff, he says the adjustment was very easy. Angerer talks about the Iowa coaching staff, missing Coach Parker, the play of Ricky Stanzi, plus much more.
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Or read the transcript below:
Q: How does it feel to be 9-0?
PAT: It feels great. The credit goes to the coaching staff. They have done a great job preparing us for the game and leading us. They are keeping us level headed.
Q: With Coach Parker being up in the box and dealing with what he has been dealing with, did that inspire you and the defense?
PAT: Yeah, I bet he was going pretty crazy up there. (laugh) Throwing stuff or falling asleep or something. We obviously missed him a lot, but we didn't miss a beat. The coaching staff did an unbelievable job.
Q: Did you guys come out a little flat today?
PAT: I don't know. It's tough to say. I didn't really feel like we did. A little early for us because we are used to those night games. (laugh)
Q: Was this the most bizarre game you have ever played in?
PAT: There have been a lot of them this year. (laugh) Most bizarre year, absolutely. That was pretty crazy.
Q: How big of a factor was the wind today?
PAT: I don't have any idea. Rick would probably know more. I have a hard enough time trying to figure out how to get lined up. (laugh)
Q: In the second half with all the momentum swings. How do you deal with that as a player?
PAT: Just continue to play. Don't look at the last play. Look at the one you are getting ready to do. Continue to fight and do your job.
Q: What about Ricky today and the way he bounced back? He throws five interceptions , four in the second half and then in the 4th quarter he is on the money again.
PAT: He is the heart and soul of this team. You can't say enough good things about him. He is a great leader and an unbelievable person. I think everyone on this team looks up to him.
Q: How did this defense respond today? They drove it right down your gut in the first drive.
PAT: Yeah, they were running a play and we were trying to make our checks with the motion and the d-line wasn't getting it on the side and no one would be there. We just needed to communicate better and we ended up doing that in the second half. It seemed to work out for us.