Hawkeye Road Trip

The Ultimate Hawkeye Road Trip has arrived in Cancun.
Been a long two days of driving and flying, but I'll never complain because this is the best job in the world and I'm happy to share the experience with everyone here.
Flew down to Cancun with a few Hawkeye fans and my good friend Scott Dochterman from the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Scott and I are the only two Iowa media members who made the trip.
We grabbed some dinner here at the Moon Palace and hit up one of the bars for a few beverages. Saw DePaul assistant (and former Iowa assistant) Billy Garrett this evening. His son just signed with DePaul and is a really talented player.
I think Wichita State was the last team to arrive here in Cancun. They were checking in late tonight. Iowa was able to get in a short practice in the gym before we arrived at the Moon Palace. We were able to get into the gym for a little bit and it's interesting. They were still putting the finishing touches on the bleachers for the fans when we were in there.
The gym is actually a ballroom, so there will be a pretty low ceiling for the games on Tuesday and Wednesday. Overall the setup is pretty nice, but it's certainly different than the players are probably used to. Having said that, I think the shooting background is ok. Iowa will practice tomorrow from 1-3 pm, and we should have an interview with Fran McCaffery and a few players either before or after practice.
Haven't run into any Iowa players yet, but saw representatives from just about every other team tonight. As I was headed to my room with one of the hotel staff, I joked with him that they probably aren't used to having so many tall people around here. He got a kick out of that since he was about five foot tall.
That's about it for Day Three of the road trip. Will have plenty of news and notes tomorrow and we plan on attending the Cancun Challenge banquet tomorrow night that will be attended by the schools coaches and players. I think each of the coaches will also be speaking at the banquet, so we will have a full report on what Fran McCaffery has to say.
Time to get some sleep and get back at it tomorrow morning. Like Fran told the team, this is a business trip.