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Hawkeye Tailgater special for Graves

Class of 2022 commit Aaron Graves enjoyed his visit to the Hawkeye Tailgater on Sunday.
Class of 2022 commit Aaron Graves enjoyed his visit to the Hawkeye Tailgater on Sunday.

Visiting Iowa on Sunday after committing to the Hawkeyes earlier this summer proved to be a special trip for Class of 2022 in-state defensive lineman Aaron Graves. Afterwards, we caught up with the 6-foot-4, 230-pound pounder from Southeast Valley High School

Q: Overall, how was your trip at Iowa Sunday?

GRAVES: Great. I got to know some of the staff better and it was just an overall fun day.‪

Q: Which coaches did you talk with most and how are those relationships with them?

GRAVES: Coach Bell and Coach Niemann, are who I talked to the most. I really liked both of them and am excited to play for them as well.‪

Q: What was your schedule during the course of the day?

GRAVES: We started with the meal made by the chefs at Iowa and then went on to tour the practice facility and campus. After that, we had a photo shoot at Kinnick Stadium and went back to the practice facility to wrap up.

‪Q: What portion of the trip did you enjoy most overall?

GRAVES: I probably enjoyed the weight room tour the most. I've always loved the weight room, so I naturally liked it there the most.

‪Q: Did you learn anything specific about how they do things in the weight room or with workouts in general?

GRAVES: Not specifically. It was just the general atmosphere they have there and what the expectations are going in the weight room day in and day out.‪

Q: How important has the weight room been to your overall success as an athlete?

GRAVES: I think it's had a huge impact on me. I definitely wouldn't be the athlete I am today without being in the weight room.

‪Q: Did the trip feel any different being committed?

GRAVES: For sure. I started to see the place more as home instead of just a school I was visiting.‪

Q: Was there anything that really gave you the home feeling more this time?

GRAVES: There was less recruits compared to the last time, so we got more one on one attention from coaches and just the fact I was committed helped too.‪

Q: Which of the recruits did you spend time with during the trip?

GRAVES: Yeah, I talked to Zach Twedt because we both workout at the same facility and play each other in basketball. I also talked to some of the other 2022 recruits because they could be potential teammates.

‪Q: How was Zach and his reaction to Iowa City with being an Iowa State commit?

GRAVES: He seemed to like the facility and the coaches from what I saw, but I couldn't say for sure.‪

Q: Did you feel you learned anything about Iowa overall while on campus?

GRAVES: I learned that their weight room spends more on food and recovery for their players than any other Big Ten college, which I thought was pretty cool.‪

Q: Which game day visits are you trying to get to this fall at Iowa?

GRAVES: Penn State and Illinois are the games I'll probably go to.‪

Q: What are you trying to get better at before this season kicks off?

GRAVES: Just sticking to my workout plans and getting stronger and faster in the weight room. It is nothing too specific.‪

Q: What are you playing position wise this season on both sides of the ball?

GRAVES: As of right now, I'll float from nose guard to d-end in defense and guard to tackle on offense depending on just how much passing we do.

Graves, who had 67 tackles, 15 TFL, and 11 sacks as a freshman last season, committed to the Hawkeyes in June after receiving a scholarship offer at Iowa's camp.

See highlights from Graves' freshman year in the video below.