Hundertmark makes the transition

When Cody Hundertmark made the move from defensive line to offensive line, he knew the transition would be a tough one. The mentality of a defensive lineman and an offensive lineman is completely different, especially when it comes to passing situations. The junior offensive lineman talks about his transition to offense and if he has tangled with his former high school teammate in practice yet.
Q: Talk about your transition from defensive line to offensive line.
CODY: I'm at the point where I just have to learn something new every day to try to get better every day. I think it is going pretty well. Going from defense to offense is totally different on that side of the ball, so I have a lot more to learn.
Q: What's the biggest adjustment? Not tackling people? (laugh)
CODY: (laugh) Yeah, that and probably the biggest thing is pass blocking. On defense you are always trying to attack and on offense you have to sit back or you will get beat.
Q: What have you learned from some of the guys on the offensive line in the last year?
CODY: I have really learned a lot through spring ball and bowl prep. The guys have really helped with my technique, fundamentals, and the importance of film study to be a good offensive lineman. Julian has been doing it for five years, so he really knows his way around.
Q: What has Coach Morgan told you about this upcoming year and the potential for playing time?
CODY: He tells everyone that no spots are sealed yet and that we control the depth chart. I am starting off working with the two's this fall and I guess we will see how it turns out. You can't really go into it with any sort of attitude other than to give your best out there on the practice field.
Q: So pass blocking is the toughest thing because of the mentality side of what you have to do?
CODY: Yeah. It is a transition mentally and that is something I have to work on every day. That is what I have to come to practice focused on.
Q: Your high school teammate Tyler Nielsen is on the other side now. Have you blocked him yet?
CODY: I don't think that I have. I have blocked his brother a few times on some safety blitzes. It's kind of fun and we talk about it afterwards.