Law is already a fan favorite

If you took a poll asking which incoming recruit had established himself as a fan favorite, there is a good chance Nico Law would win in a landslide. The future safety has become a social media favorite since committing to the Hawkeyes, but he hopes to win even more fans over with his play on the field and is working hard every day to make that a reality. Law talks about his training and much more.
Q: What have you been doing this spring? Any other sports?
LAW: This spring I have been working out at 5:30 in the morning. Then after school I workout at 3:30. Basically every day twice a day. In the morning I usually do speed work with my coach. I do the ladders, sprints, and those sorts of things. It's a lot of speed work and working on getting out of my breaks to get to the ball quickly. In the afternoon I hit the weights. I haven't been doing much upper body because my upper body is pretty large. My legs are a little smaller, so I have been doing a lot of squat lifts.
Q: You seem to be preparing as if you are coming in to play this fall.
LAW: I didn't come to Iowa for nothing. I am not about to come out there to be on the bench. I'm coming there to play, make plays, and pursue my dreams.
Q: Is this spring the hardest you have worked on football and do you think it is paying off?
LAW: Honestly, I think so. But, the same way that I am grinding right now is the same way that I did during my junior year. That was when I sort of made a name for myself. I am going to come in and learn, but right now I am doing what I need to do to make my freshman debut the best that it can be.
Q: You already know some of the guys coming in with you like Cooper and Lomax, but you are also becoming friends with some of the other guys through social media. What has that been like for you?
LAW: It has been great to develop those relationships. The three of us, me, Cooper, and Lomax, we are really close. We could have stayed close to home and played, but we are coming to Iowa to play Big Ten ball and try to make an impact.
Q: You have also connected with a few former Iowa players on social media sites. What has that been like for you?
LAW: It's been great. I really feel like those guys care about me and the program and that I'm not alone.
Q: What is the best advice that you have gotten from some of those former players?
LAW: Tyler Sash basically told me to listen to the coaches and stay hungry. A lot of people are trying to compare me to Bob Sanders. I don't want to be Bob Sanders. I want to make my own name.
Q: Did you get a number yet?
LAW: I am supposed to be wearing #21.
Q: Are you at the point where you are ready to finish up high school and get to Iowa City and start working?
LAW: I'm ready. I'm just ready to play and come out and work. I've got 25 days left here and I am just grinding to the finish. I am going to work my behind off and I hope it pays off.
Q: When do you get on campus?
LAW: June 12th.
Q: What is the plan once you get to Iowa City?
LAW: Just working hard. When everyone of the freshmen come in they are on the same level and I want to try and set myself apart from everyone else by working harder than the next guy.
Q: Are you also on the countdown with your Twitter account before it goes away?
LAW: (laugh) Yeah. I love Twitter and Facebook. I like to stay in contact with a lot of people. All of my family and friends are on Twitter.
Q: The connection you have made with Iowa fans on Twitter has to be a lot of fun for you. Last week they were wishing you a happy birthday. What has that been like for you?
LAW: (laugh) I really appreciate it and I appreciate the fan support. I love the fans. I really enjoy it. Some of them are really funny.
Q: Are you going to work on Coach Ferentz to let you keep your Twitter?
LAW: (laugh) I might have to try and bargain or negotiate to keep my Twitter.
Q: How about your radio show?
LAW: (laugh) That might have to be part of the negotiation too.
As a senior, Law finished with 106 tackles and 6 sacks for Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville, Maryland. In November 2010, the three-star prospect committed to Iowa over scholarship offers from West Virginia, Maryland, Cincinnati, Louisville, Michigan State, Purdue, Rutgers, Virginia, Illinois, and Kansas, among others.