May excited to get to Iowa City

The countdown for Eric May arriving in Iowa City is nearly complete. The Dubuque native is nearing graduation and the next step will be getting to the University of Iowa and starting to work with his new teammates. That doesn't mean the hard working wing has been sitting back and relaxing since March. May has been in the gym nearly every day working on his game and preparing to help any way he can this season.
Q: What have you been doing since the end of the season on the basketball front?
MAY: Since the end of the season I have been going over and working with the Loras coach and paying him for sessions. I go over there about three times a week and get in a workout and then play with some of the guys there in pickup games. Then I just try to get in the gym six or seven times a week and lifting four or five times a week.
Q: What has the emphasis been in those workouts with the Loras coach? Has it been mainly on handling the ball?
MAY: Yeah, handling the ball and shooting. I am trying to maximize my quickness and working on the perimeter stuff to get better there.
Q: Since we last talked, the complexion of the Iowa team has changed. What was your reaction to it and it obviously means a larger role for you as a freshman.
MAY: I would have liked to see those guys stay and it is unfortunate that they decided to leave. It was really unfortunate with Jake Kelly's situation. It does open things up for me and I want to try and take advantage of it. I don't want to get a spot in the rotation because of numbers. I want to earn it by my play and make a difference on the floor.
Q: Did it make you go even harder this spring to get ready?
MAY: Yeah it did. With all those guys leaving, I could have a larger role and it really provided motivation to get better.
Q: What has the message been from the coaches in the last month or so?
MAY: Coach Walthall talked to me about going to the coach at Loras for these workouts and they have really helped me. It has really helped me with the perimeter skills and with handling the ball. That has been their message.
Q: When have the coaches told you they want you on campus this summer?
MAY: I am coming down for orientation on June 5th and then I am starting classes on June 21st.
Q: Your planning to play in the PTL?
MAY: Yeah. I think Prime Time starts about a week before my classes do, so I might just drive down for those games. I haven't decided when I will move to Iowa City.
Q: Are you anxious to get to Iowa City and play in the Prime Time League?
MAY: I am really excited to play in front of the fans and to play some real competitive games again. I am playing pickup ball, but I want to get back to real competition and going hard all the time in a game.
Q: Are you anxious to get with your teammates at Iowa and start to get more familiar with them?
MAY: Yeah, big time. It all starts this summer and I can't wait. Hopefully we will be playing all the time. My life this summer will be playing basketball and going to classes.