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Ready to report: Noah Fenske

Noah Fenske won state titles in both the shot put and discus this past weekend.
Noah Fenske won state titles in both the shot put and discus this past weekend. (Associated Press)

After winning state titles in the shot put and discus this past weekend, Noah Fenske ended his high school career on a high note and is ready for the next step. That will take the 6-foot-4, 307-pound offensive lineman to Iowa City as he makes the transition to college and gets ready to play for the Hawkeyes. We caught up with Fenske this week to discuss the upcoming move and much more.

Q: When do you make the move to Iowa?

FENSKE: I move in June 8th.

Q: What are you looking forward to in starting workouts with the team this summer?

FENSKE: Just being a part of the team and working on my craft to become the best Hawkeye I can be.

Q: What have you been doing to prepare?

FENSKE: I actually just got my wisdom teeth out, so I’m resting for now, but when I become healthy I’ll be lifting and running six times a week.

Q: What are your goals for your freshman year? Are you hoping to play or expecting to redshirt?

FENSKE: I hope to play, but if I am asked to redshirt, I will, and take advantage of the situation.

Q: What will it mean to you to walk out of the tunnel at Kinnick Stadium for the first time?

FENSKE: It will mean a lot. Being able to walk out there for my sister, my family, and my community, it will mean the world to me.

Q: You mentioned your sister. I hope you don't mind me asking, but can you talk about how you honor her memory?

FENSKE: Of course. Her name was Sam Vining. Right now, I have a tattoo on my arm of trees that has a double meaning. The first being that I had to go through a heavy period of feeling lost, so the forest symbolizes the lost feeling, while the evergreen trees remind me of the town she grew up in. I hope to one day make the NFL, so I can start a foundation for suicide awareness

Q: When you look back at your recruiting, what do you think it was about Iowa that made it the right fit for you?

FENSKE: My teammates because those guys are my family. Also, the respect that I have for my future coaches. Even last week, Coach Morgan sent me a good luck text and had me update him on how I did at state track. He’s retired now and doesn’t need to do that, but that’s what being a part of the Hawkeye family is all about.

Q: At state track, what was the feeling like leaving Des Moines with two gold medals last weekend?

FENSKE: Outstanding. It was the best way to end my high school career. I couldn’t have asked for better coaches and support.

Q: Lastly, have you found out what number you will be wearing in college and what is your current height and weight?

FENSKE: I will be wearing #60 and right now I am 6’4”, 307 lbs.

A three-star prospect, Fenske committed to Iowa on March 2, 2018, shortly after the Hawkeyes offered a scholarship.

As senior, he helped the New Hampton offense rush for 1,285 yards and had 36 tackles and 9.5 TFL on defense.

See highlights from Fenske's senior year in the video below.