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Riley Moss discusses his decision

Ankeny Centennial safety Riley Moss is going to be a grayshirt recruit for the Hawkeyes.

Ankeny Centennial safety Riley Moss went from off the Iowa radar to receiving a grayshirt offer within a few months and that eventually led to his decision to commit to his dream program in the Hawkeyes. We caught up with the 6-foot-1, 180-pound Moss to discuss his decision, his future with Iowa, and much more.

Q: What sold you overall on Iowa?

MOSS: Being in the state of Iowa, I’ve always been a big Hawkeye fan. We have had season tickets for years. I went to my first Iowa game when I was 5-years old. It was my dream school.

Q: When did the interest start from Iowa?

MOSS: So they kind of came in late. They started showing interest midway through my senior season. They looked through my hudl and then invited me to a couple of game day visits. I kept talking with the coaching staff. I met with Coach Parker after the Purdue game. We sat and talked with what it would be like at Iowa and what they would expect from me. Iowa is not like any other University in terms of football. It is a grind, which I am pumped for. We went over that during the conversation.

Q: Had you received any attention from Iowa previously?

MOSS: Not at all. In the summer, I had a big list of camps I wanted to go to. All of the camps were colleges that I had interest from. Iowa didn’t reach out to me. I thought I wouldn’t waste my time with them not knowing anything about me. I grinded it out with those camps and think that is how they found out about me.

Q: What sparked the attention from Iowa?

MOSS: I think it was when they saw all the offers I got and definitely my senior season. I can’t give you a specific game or something I did amazing. I honestly don’t know for sure. I can say that they looked at my hudl and stuff.

Q: Did you go visit Iowa as a fan during the season?

MOSS: I went to the North Texas and then they had me as a recruit for the Purdue game.

Q: When did the grayshirt offer officially come?

MOSS: It was hinted at after that Purdue game. Then I went this past Friday, December 1st, and went on a visit there. I talked with some of the academic people and sat with Coach Ferentz. We talked about the grayshirt and all of that. They answers the questions I had.

Q: What was the process before committing to Iowa?

MOSS: I had to really think through it. NDSU was guaranteeing a 100% full ride from my freshman year on. It was a leap of faith and trusting that the scholarship would be there for me. Kirk and the staff have been there for 19-years. People told me he is a man of his word so I trust him.

Q: What was the reaction from the coaches when you committed?

MOSS: They were excited. They are excited to get after it. Coach Parker said there is a lot more to come. This is just the beginning and he was excited that I was going to be a Hawkeye.

Q: What does it mean for you to play for your dream school?

MOSS: It is insane. I never thought that this would be happening to be. It really was a dream come true. I’d have to say that all the work has paid off. A lot more work has to be done but I am glad to see what it has helped me achieve.

Q: What did they say about your position at Iowa?

MOSS: It will depend on how big I get. They were talking some safety and maybe a little corner. I will likely be a big safety.

Q: How big are you now size wise?

MOSS: I am about 180, 182 pounds and 6-1.

Q: Have you talked to them about your official visit there?

MOSS: No, not yet.

Q: Have you formed a bond with any of the in-state commits?

MOSS: Blair Brooks and I were on the same youth team, Team Iowa, back in 7th grade. We went around the Midwest and played. I know him pretty well.

As a grayshirt recruit, Moss will wait to enroll until January of 2019 at which time he will be on full scholarship and count towards the Class of 2019.

See highlights from Moss' senior yer at Ankeny Centennial in the video below.