Robinson up for the challenge

Before the season, many Iowa fans worried about how the Hawkeyes would keep three running backs happy with carries. With the news that Jewel Hampton will be out for the rest of the season due to a knee injury, Adam Robinson is now the last man standing in the backfield. The sophomore back says he is up to the challenge and he talks about the two freshman backs who might see playing time behind him and much more.
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Link: Robinson Video
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Q: Adam, you had a scholarship to UNI and Iowa kind of came in late. Were you kind of a grayshirt or was it a full scholarship?
ROBINSON: When I first - Coach Morgan, he was the coach that recruited me - he offered me a grayshirt, I can't remember, I think I want to say around December or January and I accepted. Later, like around signing day, somebody decommitted or didn't come through on their scholarship, so one opened up and then he offered me a full.
Q: Otherwise, it was Northern Iowa?
ROBINSON: Uh, yeah. Yeah.
Q: What have you seen from Marcus and De'Andre?
ROBINSON: What I've seen most is they're both eager to learn, which is good. You don't want a guy who comes in and thinks he knows the system right off the bat and is just arrogant and stuff like that. Those guys, they're really humble and they're eager to learn the system and eager to help the team win and those are good qualities.
Q: Have you talked to Wegher at all?
ROBINSON: Um, you know, I've talked to him a little bit, just shooting the breeze. You know, what's up, how you doing, things like that. I haven't talked anything to him about football or anything like that, just asked him how he's doing, see how he's doing and what's going on.
Q: What do you attribute this team's ability to bounce back in games and after losses to? The character of this team, where does that come from?
ROBINSON: There's always things to learn from games, winning or losing. Definitely when you lose, there's definitely a lot more things to go over and learn from. The one thing I noticed about the game on Saturday was we were down big, 27-7 coming out the second half, and we just kept swinging away and we little by little got ourselves back in the game. At the end of the game, we put ourselves in a position to win the game, we just didn't play well enough. But that's probably the most important thing to take away from the game is the team stuck together. I know nobody was getting nervous when we got down big. We've been in those situations before. So I think that may be one of our best qualities as a team is to stick together through adversity.
Q: Are you ready to take on this bigger load the rest of the way?
ROBINSON: Yeah. Like I said before, it's a mental thing, and you've just got to have it in your mind that you can do it, you can persevere through it, and I have that mentality, so I'm ready to take on this role.