Sandeman hopes to be back soon

Colin Sandeman wasn't sure how he hurt his hamstring, but the junior wide receiver has been sidelined with a strained hamstring so far in camp and hopes to be back on the field soon. He talks about the frustration of not being able to compete in camp, what he has seen from the young receivers, and if he is considering taking his redshirt this fall.
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Q: Do you know how long you will be out at this point?
SANDEMAN: It felt pretty good today. I am really just trying to listen to the doctors right now. It really isn't anything major. I have really never done anything to my hamstring before. I thought I was just cramping up. The doctor said it was no big deal and I am trying to get back as fast as I can.
Q: Since you haven't been out there much, you have been watching. What do you think of some of the young guys like Keenan Davis and Jordan Cotton?
SANDEMAN: Keenan has really progressed. I am actually rooming with Jordan and he has a lot of questions, which is good for freshman. Keenan and some of the younger guys have really impressed me. I think the more that they can grow and learn from Coach O'Keefe and Coach Campbell and the older wide receivers, the better off our team and receivers will be.
Q: Your injury is your hamstring?
SANDEMAN: Yeah, I tweaked it a little bit.
Q: It has to be frustrating for you sitting out because you knew it would be a competitive camp and you were in a position to move up.
SANDEMAN: Yeah, anytime you get hurt it sucks, especially right now. I am just trying to pay attention in meetings and listen to Coach Campbell. I am really studying more so I can come back better prepared.
Q: If this lingers a bit, will you think about using your redshirt this season?
SANDEMAN: I am really not thinking about that at all. I didn't tear my whole hamstring off like Brodell did.
Q: Can you talk about the young quarterbacks and how they have grown.
SANDEMAN: Yeah, they have really grown in the last year. I remember when they came in, they were wide-eyed freshmen that really couldn't catch the offense. You could see today that they really have a nice grip on the offense and they have a great person to look up to in Rick (Stanzi). I think they have really improved and stepped up in camp.