Signing Day QA: Eric May

Eric May came into the summer AAU season as a man on a mission. The first step was to earn a scholarship offer. The biggest step was to get the University of Iowa to extend a scholarship offer. By the end of the end of the summer, it was mission accomplished. Today, May will bring the mission to a final conclusion as he signs his letter of intent to be a Hawkeye and he could not be more excited about what his future holds.
Q: Talk about what Signing Day will mean to you.
MAY: It means a lot because it means that all the work during the summer and during the season has paid off. It is going to be a special day.
Q: It seemed like you were almost on a mission this summer to get this offer from Iowa. Did you see it that way?
MAY: Yeah. It was what kind of my personal goal. My first goal was to get my first offer and then once that happened, I kept working hard and more offers came and then the Iowa offer finally came, which was a great feeling.
Q: In what areas have to made your most growth as a player this summer and fall and what do you need to improve before next fall?
MAY: I think my ball skills and shooting have really improved. The areas I really need to continue to work on are my ball handling and defense. I really need the ball handling skills and I have hit that very hard before this season and will continue to do that heading into next season.
Q: Did playing football this year interfere with your basketball work or was it kind of nice to get one last break from it before you really start focusing on it full-time from here on out?
MAY: Football was awesome this year and the guys I play with are great. I wouldn't trade that for anything. But, it was a nice break. I was still playing some basketball and working out on my drills, so it wasn't like I just stopped playing. Football is good to toughen you up for basketball.
Q: What is your Brennan Cougill, who will be coming in with you in this class?
MAY: To be honest, I haven't have much of a chance to talk with him a whole lot. He sent me an e-mail congratulating me when I committed and we have exchanged a few e-mails, but we haven't really had a chance to sit down and talk in person.
Q: You also know some of the guys on the team already, like Matt Gatens. What is your relationship like with them?
MAY: Those guys are really guys like me. I think that is what Coach Lickliter is trying to get done at Iowa, find a lot of guys that are like each other in terms of how they approach the game and work well together. I really like that and I am pretty excited about the opportunity. All of the guys on the team are really good people.
Q: The one thing that comes up when I have talked about you is that you are a winner. Your team always seems to find a way to win because you are great competitor. What does that mean to you?
MAY: It means a lot when people say that about me. That is the only stat that matters at the end of the game, whether you win or lose. Nothing else really matters and I want to win every game. It is really a great honor when someone says that about you because that is what it is all about.
Q: What kind of a relationship have you been able to build with the coaches since you commitment to the Hawkeyes?
MAY: It is a great relationship. I know Coach Walthall really well. One of my sister's boyfriends actually played for him at Loras. There are really connections all over the place with them. I have been to almost every home football game and been able to hang out with the coaches and talk to them.
Q: What are your Signing Day plans for you and your family?
MAY: I am going to sign at school and we are having a ceremony there with another student at Wahlert who is signing with UNI for softball. It will be a media type event.
Q: Do you have your Iowa gear picked out already?
MAY: (laugh) I have an Iowa Basketball shirt that I will be wearing.
Q: How excited are your parents for this day?
MAY: They are very excited. They went through something similar when my sister signed with Iowa to play soccer. They have been through this before, but they are very excited, especially my dad. My parents have been very supportive and they have been there for me through this whole journey. It's going to be a great day.