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Trevor Buhr makes first visit to Iowa

Offensive lineman Trevor Buhr made a visit to Iowa's spring practice on Thursday.
Offensive lineman Trevor Buhr made a visit to Iowa's spring practice on Thursday.

Class of 2023 offensive lineman Trevor Buhr had a chance to make his first visit with the Iowa Hawkeyes on Thursday. For the 6-foot-4, 265-pound Missouri native, it was an opportunity to watch the team at work in spring practice, learn more about the program, and catch up with the coaches and players at Iowa.

"We got to the facility, watched practice and got to learn about some of the history about Iowa," said Buhr. "Then I watched a video about the offensive line and what they all did and why they loved Iowa. I also got to FaceTime with Tristan Wirfs for a little bit, so that was really cool."

"Then we got some lunch with the staff and did a quick photoshoot and got some good pictures," Buhr said. "After that, we got to meet with some of the players and got to talk to them for a little bit and ask some questions. Then I met with Coach Barnett and Coach Ferentz and just talked about things and Iowa."

Leaving Iowa City on Thursday, Buhr said the Hawkeyes made a good first impression, especially with the family atmosphere inside the program.

"I just liked how honest and genuine everybody was," said Buhr. "It seemed like a family environment rather than a business."

A three-star prospect, Buhr currently holds scholarship offers from Iowa, Iowa State, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Kansas, Wyoming, Central Michigan, and Southeast Missouri State.

In recent weeks, Buhr has visited Iowa, Iowa State, and Missouri and will be making a stop at Illinois this Saturday. Right now, his first official visit is scheduled for Iowa State on June 10.

See highlights from Buhr's junior year at Washington (MO) High School in the video below.